Trident 24kt Gold PVD Hinged Double Jeweled Paved Stack


Trident 24kt Gold PVD Hinged Double Jeweled Paved Stack

Internally Threaded Titanium Manufactured out of Implant Grade Titanium (Ti-6AL-4V-ELI ASTM F136)

PVD (Vacuum coating), also known as thin-film deposition, is a vacuum chamber process whereby a very thin and steady layer of coating is applied to the titanium surface of a substrate, protecting it from forces that might wear it down or decrease its efficiency.

PVD Coating isn’t adding another layer to the object that will chip or crack with time (think old paint).

PVD coating is becoming a standard for medical tools. The coating reduces friction, provides biocompatibility for implants, is antimicrobial, and it serves as a chemical barrier for those with a sensitivity to nickel (which can often be found in the tool).

As opposed to other coatings that chip, crack, and wear down, vacuum coatings are a shining armor for your jewelry, providing a strong and thin coating for a variety of applications.  

Unlike paints which other companies use and many other methods, this technique is body-friendly so it can be used safely and without a problem.

Item Thickness Length Colour
1.2mm - 16GA
Clear Crystal
Price Quantity Total

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