14kt Gold Navel Bar Dangle Moon


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14kt Gold Navel Bar Dangle Moon

Made out of Solid 14kt Gold Nickel Free.

Bar Gauge: 1.6mm / 14GA     Length: 10mm

  • Crystal Size: 1.3mm x 2pcs
  • Crystal Size: 1.2mm x 2pcs
  • Crystal Size: 1.1mm x 2pcs
  • Crystal Size: 0.9mm x 2pcs
  • Crystal Size: 2.0mm x 1pcs
  • Crystal Size: 2.5mm x 1pcs

This 14kt gold navel bar dangle moon is the perfect addition for your jewelry collection. Crafted from solid 14kt gold, this piece offers superior shine and a polished look that lasts. Add a touch of sophistication to your style and experience the look of luxurious gold.

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