14kt Gold Threadless Attachment - Zelda


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14kt Gold Threadless Attachment - Zelda                                                                          Made out of solid 14kt Gold & implant grade steel pin. Zelda features a long 5.7mm baguette crystal surrounded by a solid 14kt gold diamond shield.  

Piece Size:  Length / 11.8mm -  Width / 5.5mm

Pin Gauge: 0.42mm / Length: 4mm* 

Threadless Jewelry Method:

Threadless jewelry is tensioned by using the end of the attachment and bending it within the bar to hold into place. To create the tension insert the pin on the end of the attachment slightly into the bar and bend slightly. Once inserted into the bar the bend in the pin should create the tension needed to hold into place. Direction below:

  1. Insert the pin on the end of the attachment 1/4 - 1/3 into the bar. (Labret, barbell etc.)
  2. Slightly bend the insertion pin within the bar.
  3. Push the end into the shaft and test the fit.

Insuring the fit: Insure the attachment is held in place and is tight. Adjust as necessary, if the pin does not hold tight enough redo the steps & create more tension.

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